Everything You Need to Know on Horror Story Writing

If you are wondering how to write a horror story, then this article is for you. Nowadays, there are not as many interesting books and horror stories but still there are some that can chill your blood pretty good. Usually, double-death takes place in popular American horror stories. It can be a zombie apocalypses or vampires and aliens. Or a girl who can see your future, and the day you will die, either way there are some fascinated ideas that definitely worth your attention. Creating a horror story is not like writing your homework, so the following tips are not an essay writing help. Read attentively and you will definitely find some of them useful:

Everything You Need to Know on Horror Story Writing

1. The main conflict of the horror story

We can say that every story or book we have ever read is a little bit a horror story in some way. Basically, because reading those stories we usually feel fear for main characters. Reading books about Harry Potter we felt sorry for him when he had lost his parents and his godfather. In stories about Sherlock Holmes we also felt the tension all the time, because we did not know whether Sherlock will solve the puzzle or not. So as you can see every time we read stories we are feeling fear and we do not know whether or not a character is going to get over his challenges or not.

2. Goat Song

Writing horror fiction, you should keep in mind that those stories are better when they are really tragic. We now that people are not perfect at all: with their curves, edges and obviously wrong decisions. You can definitely recall a story when a woman hears a weird noise coming out of her basement and she goes down there to check if everything is alright, instead of running away. We all know that it is a dreadful decision but she goes there anyway and we believe her and on some level we understand her choice (she obviously did it out of curiosity). And then she is usually killed by some homicidal maniac but it is not the point. We can interpret every tragic story as a «goat song».

3. Every one of us has been longing for horror stories for some time

We live in such a trivial and banal world that sometimes out heart wants to have some excitement. When we are reading horror books we are sort of experiencing all the fear and pain that characters feel, but of course vicariously. But remember the mythology, people always have been coming up with immortal creatures: like gods, demi-gods, devils and sirens. And those creatures have been fighting, and blood was split more than ones. People will always need some adrenaline, and for many of them a great way to feel it, is to read horror stories.

4. You will find your inspiration in urban tales and stories about ghosts

If you want to know how to write horror stories you should keep in mind that we are always afraid of something strange and unknown, and those kinds of stories will inspire you to create such characters that will be unique, dreadful but at the same time fascinating.

5. Strong fear of the dark

Each one of us is afraid of the dark. Not everyone can admit it but still it is true. We feel very comfortable when the light is on but the minute it is off we do not know what is out there: killers, aliens, wolfs etc. So be sure to use the fear of dark writing your horror story.

6. Your beloved character has made a wrong choice.

Usually, we feel a pain in our chest when the character we loved so much is about to step outside where a killer is waiting for him. This kind of tension is making your story good because this character is defiantly smart and on some level you feel sorry for him and also you feel a connection between you two.

7. There have to be faith and hope in your story

As we all know we can not experience something good without knowing what bad is. And horror stories work the same way. You can be very scared by a story with fights, deaths and blood, but horror story will be better if there is a leap of hope. Of course, it does not mean that hope have to win, but you a reader should feel that your story has two possible endings. It is up to you, as an author, to choose the one you prefer.

8. We always need a moral

Every horror story has to have a message, or moral. It is a great way for you to deliver a certain idea to your reading-audience. The idea can be internal or eternal, it does not matter. Either way readers have to learn something from your story.
8. You have to create a new horrifying creature
Of course, all the monsters, like vampires and werewolves are very scary but they have already been used by somebody else. In order for your horror novel to be good, you should come up with a new dreadful creature.

9. Even if it is a horror story it still needs a proper plot. If you just slice your main

character in half you can not expect somebody to like it. You need an interesting and unique twisted story maybe even a little bit too complicated, so it will make a reader think harder following the plot.

10. Write about what troubles and scares you. It is really weird, but a reader will feel more

connected to your story if you will write about something that you fear. Actually horror is very delicate and honest topic. Be open to your reader, dig out your fears from the deepest corners of your heart.

So now you know how to write a horror novel. And if you follow those simple tips and if you put your mind into, you will definitely have the best horror story of all time.