Everything You Need to Know on Horror Story Writing

If you are wondering how to write a horror story, then this article is for you. Nowadays, there are not as many interesting books and horror stories but still there are some that can chill your blood pretty good. Usually, double-death takes place in popular American horror stories. It can be a zombie apocalypses or vampires and aliens. Or a girl who can see your future, and the day you will die, either way there are some fascinated ideas that definitely worth your attention. Creating a horror story is not like writing your homework, so the following tips are not an essay writing help. Read attentively and you will definitely find some of them useful: Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know on Horror Story Writing”

How to Start and Hold a Reading Club

Do you enjoy reading? Would you like to find some friends in a new place? Do you need an extra motivation for reading? Or you want to earn some money by helping others in their book assessment tasks? Then your choice is starting a book club.
A first thing that you need to do is to prepare a small outline of what you want. Answer the questions below, and in the end you will have a solid plan on how to get started.

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